Sunday, August 28, 2016

One Woman.....Very Little Brain

I remember hearing this story a long time ago. I don't know where. 
I assume that it's true.

It's a story about the power of one. 
It's also about anonymous service. 
And how what we may think is just a small thing can turn out to be a very big thing. 
And how sometimes those same small things can bring joy to people we may not even have met. 

It's also about the eternal nature of goodwill. And beauty. 
And that we've been told to love one another. 
And that work is love made visable. 
And that man is that he might have joy.
And many other things. 

Here's the story.

A couple were heading out on a beautiful summer Saturday morning for a day of "putzing" aroung together. 
The week had been a busy one for both and they were looking forward to some down time and then a great lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.
They were headed nowhere in particular but the husband had heard someone at work talking about a "sight not to be missed" that was out in the country not far from where they lived. So they started off in that general direction.

All morning long they had meandered down country roads. They drove alongside creeks where sunlight dappled in bright patches through the trees. Once they took a turn down a gravel path just because the sign said,"Apple Lane." 
They stopped at a farmstand for peaches to take home to the kids. At a yardsale they bought a funny old lamp for her and a box of rusty bolts for him. 
It had been a great morning. 

Before lunch they decided to look for that "sight not to be missed" they'd been told about, and so headed off to find it. 
The drive took them through more charming country. They passed alongside graceful trees and sparkling streams again. Beauty was everywhere they looked. 
Then they topped a hill and saw it. 
That sight not to be missed.

Below, in a little valley, was a modest white house. 
The surrounding yard contained a big bed of bright yellow daffodils punctuated every now and then by purple patches of elegant irises. 

But the amazing thing was that the flowers seemed to have escaped from the yard. 
The little fence couldn't contain them. They spread out under it in a bright swath of blooms that covered the fields and hills next to the house.  
Now there were acres and acres of flowers as far as you could see! It was an ocean of yellow, purple and green that took your breath away!

The couple drove slowly down the gravel road through thousands and thousands and thousands of blooms. They spotted a carved wooden sign posted in the yard of the little white house and stopped to read what it said.
                       "To answer your questions...
                        One woman with very little brain.
                        One bulb at a time.
                        Season after season after season."

Think about it.